Monday, December 18, 2006


I must say I feel the slightest bit liberated. There's only so much using you can do before I'm all burned up. But I didn't get burned up. I got smart and I've washed my hands. Fuck your girlfriend or fuck yourself, cause I'm through fucking with you.

No more drama
No more tears
No more wasted gas
And anything I have of yours is now mine.

Thank the Universe my doctor's idea was wrong and I'm not pregnant with your child. Not that you'd ever have any rights to said child if I were. Because I'd deny THAT until the day that I died.

You were a great person and it's a shame you turned out like you did. I most certainly do blame Melissa for it. She stole you from Kelly and she stole your friendship from me. And now you can keep it. Because it's lost its value.

Gone forever are
The 5 hour phone conversations, the mind blowing sex, and the big warm hugs.
The full body massages and the pampering.

When you chose to date that jealous childish evil bitch and continued to do so after she used her insecurities to push away any female friend you had, you gave our friendship away. But maybe she had a point because I don't think you could be faithful if you tried.

She will leave you one day because she has to have everything she wants until no one else wants it. The best I can tell you is to find someone to pine for you so she can notice. But not me cause that is most certainly no longer my thing.

I won't be angry over the actions of the past couple of months because they wouldn't have happened if I hadn't enabled you. But I will mourn the sweet man you once were. If he comes out again, call me.

I'm laughing and I'm so glad. Because it feels good to laugh like this again.

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