Friday, May 26, 2006

The People I Know

I know, and used to rely on, some incredibly selfish, childish people. Maybe I didn't have enough self-worth. I'm gaining some perspective on life lately that is really making things clear for me. I'm actually taking some gumption. I'm putting myself out there. Rejection is still painful for me, but I'm striving to not let it break me. And it's not. Yes it still hurts but I'm working over, around,and beyond it. I'm definately above it.
I'm working on the whole guy thing. I'm tired of being lonely and I'm tired of the screw-ups I get stuck with. So I'm taking things slow and testing the waters. Playing the field. Just talking really. But with a little limitation so I don't lose my head and my heart so fast. I'm liking some of the places I'm going. A lot.

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