Saturday, May 27, 2006

Spector from a not-so distant past

Right now, I'm having a most interesting conversation. It's with Cassie, Devin's ex. Devin is an ex of mine and he's dumb as hell. I stopped caring a while ago about the mess he continues to make of his life. Since all I'm doing in this conversation is explaining to Cassie what I know of his latest screw-ups, one might wonder why I find this conversation interesting.

I may or may not seem hard to people lately, but for the first time ever I sound smart to myself. Better if you will. If being smarter about who you trust and let into your life means that you have to be a little mean, then I guess I've turned into a real bitch. Not that I'm overly bothered by it. I'm actually quite pleased with myself. Sometimes your skin has just gotta be tough. You've gotta be a little hard in order to meet your goals.

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