Friday, June 02, 2006

A day of introspection and proclamation

The past two days, in pyschology class, we have been watching Rent. It made me think, which is exactly what Johnathan Larson wanted. I loved it loved it loved it. I cried when Angel died. It made me sad. So completely sad. She was beautiful. I hope one day I can say that I have friends like that.

I declared to my mother that I have no wish to celebrate my birthday. I realize that no matter what, I can't have possibly grown in my mother's eyes. She continues to see me as a child. Not a young woman. It's going to be hard to obey her in the coming months, but I'm not really going to try. What is the point? Honestly, there is no point. And I'm okay with that. Really I am.

My date with Scott went well this evening. And it was in fact a date. We went to this lovely dinner theatre type place. We didn't see a play, we saw a movie. It was a fancy Cinema Cafe. The food was great and The Break-Up was great. Jennifer Aniston is funny. I was never a fan of her in Friends, but her movies are always ones that I enjoy.

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