Monday, June 26, 2006

A little bitta this, a little bitta that

So I'm finally back from my trip. It was sheer hell. I will never go on a trip with this particular group of people ever again. NEVER. There is simply no amount of money in the world that you could possibly pay me.

On to my predicaments that aren't really so current. The father thing is still beyond my realm of capability. I'm just not ready and/or able to handle it and so I just won't. The boy/man thing is still as it was. I love him with all of my being. The girl he's with is an idiot, a brat, and just not deserving of him. It's very painful to watch someone you love love someone else. It grates on the nerves just a tad.

Comments are cool I suppose. Not that I'm begging. Just posing a general statement. I'm quite tired. I think I'll go sleep. Or at least relax. Doze a little.

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