Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ler's scream a little

Blogger's been acting like a hoe with the clap......bitch and non-functioning. So sorry about the space between the posts.

All of this moving stuff is like bogging me down. It's a lot to do by myself. A lot. Eh. I'll manage it somehow.

I miss Andrew. If I have to sleep by myself too many nights in a row, I get to be a cranky bitch. That's sleeping in general though. Like if my mom went to bed at a decent time, I'd sleep in there and be fine.

When I dreamed of moving out of my parents' (Mother's really) house, I imagined two scenarios: 1) Moving in with a gay roommate or 2) With a guy I was seriously in love with that was committed to me. Honestly 2 would only pop up in daydreams. If I was thinking practically, I'd have said number 1. Or maybe moving in with Stephen. And....I'm moving in with Andrew. It's not what I expected out of my life at this point. It's different and that makes it weird. I feel like a Navy wife because I have to pull all of this shit together. By myself. Boo.

I need to sleep I have a shitload of stuff to do over the next two days.

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