Wednesday, November 08, 2006



The infamous HIM.

Oh babe how I love you. Yes you love another. You said we'd try us again if things didn't work with the woman you felt obligated to try happiness with. They didn't and you fell into love with another. But it's ok. I still love you. I think no matter what I'm always going to love you. Honestly I don't think you truly love her. But ok. That's not for me to decide or determine.

Your pretty moss green eyes.
Your long brown-black eyelashes that have the curl most women glue on.
Your smile, crooked teeth and all. It looks mischevious, a reminder of the little boy you never really got a chance to be.
Your strong arms that are always warm no matter how cold it is outside.
The way you wrestle with me and pick on me and know when I've had enough for real.

I should stop thinking about you. Friends don't think this much about other friends that are dating someone. And I have English to do. She (my new English teacher) really isn't giving me enough time to do this fucking thing. Gah.

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