Thursday, November 02, 2006

The mystery person and I feel like shit

Wow....that's something I really can't stand. People that are into smoke and mirror shit. It'd be nice to talk to you face to face. To thank you for your kind words and so on and so forth. But eh.

My heart's been beating unusually fast lately. Like I'll just be sitting and I'll feel it speed up. It scares me and my breathing changes. I went and babysat tonight and when I came home I just laid on my mom's bed and tried not to hyperventilate. Things got kinda dark, like someone dimmed the lights. And next thing I know I'm waking up. It's weird. I don't feel right. My head's been killing me all day and my neck was so sore and achy this morning I couldn't move it. I had to go to the nurse and just lie down with an ice pack on my neck cause it hurt so bad. Needless to say I called out of working at Sonic. I just can't run back and forth like that with my neck like this. I feel nauseated and just rotten. Maybe I'm dehydrated. I don't know. What I do know is that all the feel good feelings from my week off are gone. I'm tired and I feel like shit now. Again.

Oh mystery person, it's anatomy not biology. If you know me so well, get your facts together.

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somtl. said...

Idk what smoke and mirror is.

I don't keep up with your school schedule. mine's gay enough.

I am not good with talking face to face. I'd rather be anonymous, but whatever. Terribly sorry if that's not how you roll, but whatever. Just whatever.