Sunday, November 26, 2006

I want a boy

He would do the following things:

  • Call me late at night because his day sucked and he knows his girl will listen to him complain.
  • Not mind if I call him late at night because I'm awake and lonely.
  • Fall asleep on the phone with me.
  • Let me borrow one of his hoodies indefinitely.
  • Hold my hand while one of us is driving.
  • Kiss me on the forehead and tell me I rock.
  • Call me baby.
  • Give me deep tissue back massages when my back seizes up.
  • Take naps with me.
  • Let me lay on his chest and listen to his heartbeat when I get upset.
  • Go shopping with me.
  • Dance with me.
  • Sip Starbucks and watch movies with me.
  • Read.
  • Sit with me while we both do something by ourselves. (He: reads. Me: knit. Or something like that.)
In return I would do the following:
  • Kiss him at least four times a day.
  • Tell him what a great guy he is.
  • Play video games with him.
  • Hold him when he's in a grumpy mood.
  • Lay his head in my lap and rub his temples when he has a headache.
  • Let him drive my car sometimes.
  • Give him rub downs whereever and whenever he hurts.
  • Let him be when he needs his space.
  • Not call him nicknames in front of his boys if he doesn't like it.
  • Get along with his boys.
  • Never make him choose between his mama and me.
  • Never make him choose between his boys and me.
  • Always smell good and look pretty.
  • Take care of myself so he doesn't have to worry about me too often.
  • Let him be the man and take charge of things. Sometimes.
I'm a decent girl. If I care about a guy, I'm there for him in whatever way he wants and needs me. I'm RIGHT THERE. Bam. There's Joy. I'm a ride or die kinda girl. I want my boy. Someone find him and put a bow on him. Since I don't think we're getting a tree this year, just tuck him beside me in my bed.

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hda said...

i will keep an eye out for you darling.