Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh my God

I shouldn't say oh MY God, because I have long ceased to believe that one exsists. My life just doesn't led evidence to that conclusion. Call me a hypocrite if you want to. Tell me over and over again about how much you love your Jesus. He's exactly that. YOUR Jesus. Today, well really the past couple of days, have been less than stellar. I'm through being upset over it. Well no I'm not. Or else I wouldn't be writing an angry/disillusioned blog about it. I'm tired. Extremely tired. And about strung out. I want to hang myself. Very few people would care honestly. But I won't because I am in fact a coward. And I'm just too tired to get up the initiative. To everyone that cared enough to call and see how I'm doing, or ask me if I needed to schedule a day/night out, thanks so so much. You guys mean the world. Notice how I'm only talking to like one person. Fuck this. Fuck every last one of you. And fuck hope.

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