Friday, July 28, 2006

And we're back!!!!

I can't believe I didn't mention this the other day, but I messed up my mother's car. I've been without wheels for the past week and I've been dying. Yesterday, I broke down and cried on the way to school. Having no way out on top of friend drama and the typical family stuff, not to mention additional money woes because Mom didn't get paid last week since she turned in her time sheet late and I added a car repair bill to the mix, and I was strung the heck out.

To explain what I did to the car; I pulled the front end straight off the curb. Scrapped off the bottom of the casing on the radiator, which means we had to replace the whole thing since you can't just repair the casing the way they are welded together. On top of that, I cracked the motor mount. So we're talking $2750 in repairs. So I paid to have the muffler fixed on the Mazda so it's driveable. It handles well and that's good. We'll get the crack in the windshield repaired later since it doesn't obscure my vision whilst I drive.

I can get out again and I might go to the beach after work with Amber, a friend from middle school, I've rediscovered in summer school. She's just as cool as she was in middle school. But now, I feel more on par with her. Like I feel good enough to socialize with her again. That's cool.

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