Saturday, July 22, 2006

See Spot. See Spot bitch.

So I'm a little bored this morning. I have work at 2pm. Then Scott's picking me up and we're going to chill for a bit. I'm not going to church tomorrow as I have to work at 1pm. This weekend is probably going to be boring except for chilling with Scott. I'm tired of being bored. I'm tired of wanting to hang out wiht people that aren't worth the time of day much like MY time. Eh whatever.

There's a fake blogger running about. He cuts and pastes entries from wikipedia and makes a blog about them so he can have another place to post ads from Google's Adsense program. Too bad the dumb shit doesn't realize that people have to click on the ad in order for him to get paid. And no I haven't viewed the profile, but I'm sure it's a man. Only a man is that damn irritating. Cocksucker.

My mother is one of those things that you like but hate. I swear it's always her way or it's wrong. Too bad her way is wrong most of the time. She makes me really mad some days. But then they are times when I sit in her lap and watch something on USA and everything seems right with the world.

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