Saturday, September 02, 2006

Never a dull moment

So if you read the other bulletin you know what's going on with my phone. Well I was planning on getting another phone when our contract was up anyway but now I need it. My mother is refusing to "allow" me to pay for the phone I want. She says I'm in high school so I don't need a nice phone. (It should be apparent I do because I keep going through them due to heavy use.) However instead of arguing with her I have decided to just get my own phone and my own plan. However, me not being 18 is throwing a wrench in my plans. What I need is either someone to sign for it for me, or someone willing to add me to their plan. I don't want anyone to have to pay any extra charges so if you're in the middle of your plan and it'd be a hassle to add me it's no problem, don't worry about it. Basically it would be in your name but that's it. The bill would be sent to my house and I'd pay for it completely. It would only have to be for a year. (When I go to college, if I go away, I'm going to want to change the number.) I'm trying to go with Alltel.

Even if you can't help me thanks for reading this.


That's a copy of the bulletin/blog I left all over Myspace. If any of my Blogger readers can help me out, feel free to let me know. Just to update you all, my phone won't stay on unless it's plugged up and I can't call out nor can I get calls. I'm ticked about this whole situation. I have to change my number. Unless I can swing an affordable plan with Verizon.
It's one thing after another with my mom. And it will probably always be this way. There's no getting around this and frankly I'm sick of trying. She made me mad enough to walk home today. She also made me mad enough to break my diet and eat a hot dog, a boston creme doughnut, and some personal noodles thing (knock off Ramen). This in addition to the cereal and piece of chicken I had before she came home adds up to me eating practically nothing but carbs all day. So I will be getting up early and going to the gym before I go shopping for school clothing. Really early because I have to come home and shower. Maybe I could shower there and just go shopping. What I can't do is have the Starbucks that I like to have while I cruise the mall or get an Auntie Anne's pretzel since I'll be on a 24 hr fast to compensate for my bad eating habits. Water, Powerade, and sugarless gum. (It helps to have something in my mouth that I can chew.) In other circumstances, I might not have to do this, but I haven't been to the gym since Monday. And that's just no good.

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