Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Outcomes of the Cards and Labels

So I mailed friendship cards to Stever and HIM. Sure I could have called and told Stever that yes someone does in fact care and I could have called HIM and apologized and begged forgiveness. But sometimes cards just say shit better. I guess HE liked what the card said cause HE called me. Of course my shitty job made me miss his call but that's neither here nor there. Actually it's everywhere. I'm still ticked off about it.

I was looking at my list of labels. I have it organized not by alphabet but by the number of times people get a mention. Underneath depression, friends and my self-image is HIM. We have this huge blow ups and arguements and still HE's important to me. That's some feaky shit.

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Highly Feminine Jew boy said...

thanks for the card...personally in think it shows that no matter how much you may want to get away from it its something you need to feel whole...I'm not suggesting you get back togetehr with HIM but you defintely were happier with HIM