Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Things that stress me out

I made a list at work to try and get an idea of what I can change and what I can work on. Here it is. The list is in no particular order. Just how they came to my head.

  • Andrew visiting Kelly for a week out of the blue
  • prom expenses
  • having fun @ prom
  • money in general (bills, tuition, gifts)
  • keeping my job
  • losing weight
  • Dad's health
  • graduation
  • Dad's temper
  • my health
  • strokes
  • Andrew going camping w/ Melissa
  • buying a new car
  • moving out
  • Stephen moving out for the summer
  • Becca cutting
  • taking summer classes
  • passing summer classes
  • Dad's spending habits
  • Andrew's injuries
  • the car I drive now
  • health/car insurance
  • getting to know Nick
  • Devin's wedding in August
  • my 18th B-day

It's kinda long.

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