Monday, May 28, 2007

Through the mud I see the moon

RiverGrad07 (10:38:33 PM): hey
killerfish13 (10:38:54 PM): hey there
killerfish13 (10:39:08 PM): what's up?
RiverGrad07 (10:39:09 PM): not much. How bad was the day with the folks?
killerfish13 (10:39:38 PM): eh, not too bad, unexpectedly
RiverGrad07 (10:39:59 PM): that's good
killerfish13 (10:40:26 PM): how was ur day?
RiverGrad07 (10:42:03 PM): decent
killerfish13 (10:42:31 PM): sorry bout not calling last night
killerfish13 (10:42:45 PM): my phone decided to be retarded and not charge
RiverGrad07 (10:42:53 PM): I'm used to people saying they're going to call me and then not calling me
RiverGrad07 (10:43:07 PM): honestly the only person that returns my calls is my mother
RiverGrad07 (10:43:16 PM): and that's only about 50% of the time
killerfish13 (10:43:38 PM): well, i try
RiverGrad07 (10:43:32 PM): that came off wrong
killerfish13 (10:43:49 PM): things just really havent been going my way recently
RiverGrad07 (10:43:58 PM): what i meant was when you say i'll call you later; i figure i'll talk to you tomorrow
RiverGrad07 (10:44:06 PM): and i'm not bothered
RiverGrad07 (10:44:27 PM): i'm actually pleasantly surprised when anyone calls me when they say they will
killerfish13 (10:44:59 PM): im glad i can surprise you pleasantly, then!
RiverGrad07 (10:45:09 PM): cool
killerfish13 (10:45:38 PM): would u like me to draw u a picture?
killerfish13 (10:45:51 PM): i know it's random, but i need ideas to dra
killerfish13 (10:45:55 PM): *draw
RiverGrad07 (10:45:52 PM): draw me a house
RiverGrad07 (10:45:55 PM): a happy house
killerfish13 (10:46:47 PM): with rainbows and ribbons?
RiverGrad07 (10:46:41 PM): go for it
killerfish13 (10:47:01 PM): YAY!
killerfish13 (10:47:45 PM): ok
killerfish13 (10:47:51 PM): i will do that
killerfish13 (10:49:16 PM): why is u unemployed?
RiverGrad07 (10:49:12 PM): my job was making me sick
RiverGrad07 (10:49:26 PM): which kept me from meeting productivity goals
RiverGrad07 (10:49:40 PM): but i'm looking for a new job so it's all good
killerfish13 (10:50:02 PM): that's lame
killerfish13 (10:50:10 PM): hope u find a great one soon
RiverGrad07 (10:50:59 PM): i'm looking
RiverGrad07 (10:51:10 PM): and that fact that I will soon be 18 is helping
killerfish13 (10:51:58 PM): i can imagine
killerfish13 (10:53:45 PM): sorry im not very talkative tonight
RiverGrad07 (10:53:40 PM): it's fine
killerfish13 (10:53:57 PM): i'm doin math homework for tomorrow
RiverGrad07 (10:54:01 PM): to be honest it boggles my mind how much people talk and end up saying nothing of meaning
killerfish13 (10:54:26 PM): i agree
killerfish13 (10:54:34 PM): yet i do it maybe more than anybody
RiverGrad07 (10:55:25 PM): plenty of people agree with a position but don't support it with their actions
RiverGrad07 (10:55:46 PM): idealism is easy; instituting it into everyday life is not
killerfish13 (10:56:14 PM): and trust me, i can mos def be an idealist
killerfish13 (10:56:33 PM): (got bitched at by my ex for that one)
RiverGrad07 (10:56:48 PM): everyone enjoys something different in a person
killerfish13 (10:57:33 PM): like i like that ur incredibly insightful at times whn it makes sense
killerfish13 (10:57:56 PM): im insightful about stuff that either happened weeks ago or never happens at all
RiverGrad07 (10:57:57 PM): sometimes hindsight is a bitch
RiverGrad07 (10:58:32 PM): you could work on seeing things sooner but it might influence your actions
RiverGrad07 (10:58:43 PM): and then you'd be living a life that's not yours to live
RiverGrad07 (10:59:01 PM): some people are meant to think things through, some are meant to act first.
RiverGrad07 (10:59:14 PM): if everyone was insightful, the world wouldn't work
killerfish13 (10:59:50 PM): agreed on that point completely
killerfish13 (11:00:00 PM): i need to go, tho
killerfish13 (11:00:06 PM): i got ALOT more hw to do
RiverGrad07 (10:59:59 PM): it's cool
killerfish13 (11:00:23 PM): in hindsight, i should have done it earlier
killerfish13 (11:00:25 PM): lol
RiverGrad07 (11:00:43 PM): most likely yes. But you were meant to do it now. Perhaps you work better under pressure
killerfish13 (11:01:28 PM): wow yes
killerfish13 (11:01:48 PM): write better papers an hour before class than weeks before theyre due
RiverGrad07 (11:01:54 PM): your brain needs the motivation of time
RiverGrad07 (11:02:17 PM): you and about half the population need pressure to function. It's all good.
RiverGrad07 (11:02:54 PM): You go do homework, I'll talk to you later.
killerfish13 (11:03:13 PM): ok
killerfish13 (11:03:20 PM): goodnight and sweetest of dreams
RiverGrad07 (11:03:13 PM): night

I say some of th trippiest shit when I'm feeling low.

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