Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I want....

  1. a boy who will love me and only me. Who will be satisfied with me just the way I am but rejoice when I get better and be firm and supportive when I backslide. Who's good and unselfish in bed. Who won't tell me how hot he finds other girls because he respects my feelings.
  2. a father who doesn't yell at me for making the simplest mistakes. Who loves me as I am not as I should be. Who isn't afraid to say I love you.
  3. a better looking, better running car.
  4. a nicer brother.
  5. a mother who has more in common with me. Who doesn't think that talking to me is a waste of time.
  6. better grades.
  7. more money.
  8. more friends.
  9. a different high school.
  10. things to be the way they used to be about 5 years ago.
Damn I want a lot. No wonder I'm always disappointed.


holly said...

i wish i could help but a sinking ship cant quite help another sinking ship

RainbowAfterTheTears said...

I think everyone wants those things, in slightly different ways at times, but none the less..
Just stive to fill the wants, and if they don't all become fulfilled, atleast you can say you tried instead of just sitting around dreaming about it.
best of luck