Monday, January 22, 2007

A Run-Down of My Weekend


  • Came home after getting my paycheck. I did that right after school.
  • Took Dad to Office Max and 7-11.
  • Time is now 7pm. I head out to Oceana figuring I'd check on Andrew while waiting to see Josh since Josh hadn't called me yet.
  • 7:20pm-Get to Andrew's. He's happy to see me, I'm happy to see him, we have missed each other greatly.
  • 7:55pm??-Me and Andrew get busy.
  • 9:30pm-I call Josh and leave one last message and say screw it and him. Andrew asked me to sleep over and I agree.
  • Much fun ensues as Tim comes over and there is much drinking and laughing and DDR.
  • 1:20am-We have kicked Tim out and are having sex again.
  • 2:20am-We've taken a shower, I have borrowed clothes from various people and now I am sleeping. Andrew joins me sometime in the night.
  • 7:00am-The alarm goes off and we ignore it.
  • 8:36am- I see the clock and scramble to get going to Saturday school which starts at nine. In Chesapeake.
  • 9:15am-Get to Saturday School in Tim's pants and Drew's shirt and lie about having car trouble so I can get into Saturday school.
  • 12:00pm-Get out of Saturday school, run to go get gas, drop off Dad's parking pass at the Tricare clinic, and head to the house to change into my work pants.
  • 1:15pm-Get to Girl Scouts in Norfolk, get Taylor signed up with my troop
  • 3:00pm-Leave there and go to work.
  • 7:00pm-Get off work and go home
  • 9:00pm-Head to Kat's to babysit and spend the night.
  • I basically stayed at Kat's until about 4pm. Then Dion came over and took me to the mall so I could show him his tux for my prom.

I was busy this weekend.

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