Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's a big deal

I'm a former Myspace addict. I have fixed this problem by deleting my Myspace. I have one for the nanny agency I'm trying to start up and I kept it but I deleted the personal one. That took a lot for me to do. I ask only one thing of my readers. Don't minimalize anything that I write here. It might not seem big to you, but there's a lot of little things that are really hard for me. I'm not sure why I have such difficulty with some small things, but I'm facing it and for that I'm glad.

My ASL class is really opening some doors for me. It's vastly different from Signed English which is what most hearing people use. It includes little words like "it, and, but, is" that aren't in American Sign Language. Completely different grammatical structure. But the thing is, it's basically like any other language class where immersion is a big part of it. So for about one hour and twenty minutes, I don't vocalize. My vocal cords remain at rest. It really lets my mind open up. I started preparing in the car so I'd be used to the silence once I got there. I never realized how much I strove to not be left alone with my thoughts. It's like I have to have the tv or radio or people around me. I was always looking for someone to be around. Maybe deleting the myspace will help me get more used to myself. I'm not surprised I don't like myself, I've never really been with myself. This class is going to beneficial in more ways than one.

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