Monday, January 29, 2007

Yet Another Crazy Weekend

So. Last Thursday I graduated from high school. Well finished. I graduate in June. I spent that night over at Andrew's. Got up around seven when he left for work and crawled back into bed. Talked to Gerri across the room. Got up and showered at noon and dropped Drew off at a hail and farewell at Kelly's Tavern. Went home, went and babysat at Kat's house later in the evening. Came home, went to work Saturday morning. I was working (planning) on a nice home cooked meal for Andrew and his buddies but Andrew wanted to hang out with Melissa. I was upset about that, although I don't know why because it's not like I have any hold on him. But anyway I sat for Kat that night and chilled over there Sunday. Went and got Mommy's cake and flowers. Spent time at home there. Went to Andrew's to borrow his webcam and ended up spending the night there. Cried myself to sleep because it was my momma's birthday and I know she just wanted me home. But I let time get away from me and then weather got bad. It cleared but I was SOOOO tired I couldn't possibly drive. Andrew held me while I cried. I felt so bad. And she's pissed. I have to go home and deal with that. I skipped class today and PRIDE too. I'm just so tired. Payton was cranky because he didn't take a long nap. The majority of his nap he was locked in my car.

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