Thursday, June 14, 2007

Explanation of my first tattoo

I turned 18 on the 8th of June. There wasn't a big to-do about it but I was relatively happy with what went down. I took a good look over my childhood. The people that have come and gone. The pain I've gone through. The tears I've shed, the jokes I've told. All of that has been on my mind a lot lately while I've been contemplating my very first tattoo.

I'm getting My Angels at the top of my back and then the initals of the three people that made me happiest during my childhood. Those people are my mom, Andrew, and Stephen. I have their initals done in that order. Momma is on the left because it's closest to my heart. I go back on the 27th to get My Angels put up there along with some cloud work.

To be completely honest and not at all melodramatic, the past two years that I've known Stephen and Andrew have been the happiest of my life. They've also been the saddest. I'm not on completely solid footing with either of them right now, but that doesn't really matter. They, at one time, cared enough to love me even though I didn't love myself. That's a powerful lesson to learn. I went through some rough times during high school. These three helped pull me through. They're the reason I have a future to look forward to. I'll be eternally grateful for that. Which is why it'll be forever inscribed on my back.

To these three I have this to say:
Forgive me for the disappointments.
I'm only human.
I'll love you always.

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