Sunday, June 17, 2007

You may now address me as Madame Graduate

As of Friday, I am a high school graduate. I'm not the first person in my family to graduate nor will I be the last. I didn't graduate with honors. I got through it despite extreme emotional turmoil. A lot of the drama I had to deal with would have killed some people. I've cried more over the past two years than I had in the sixteen years that came before it. It was rough. But I did it.

Rebecca, Tim, Andrew, my two sisters, my little brother, and my parents were there. That's right, my parents. My daddy not only came but he got dressed up. Andrew wore a suit. It was......crazy. I was so happy. And everyone was happy for me.

After graduation, we all went to Olive Garden. My sister and her son (my nephew obviously) are EXTREMELY charismatic and so we all laughed throughout the whole dinner. Everyone was smiling and happy and it was great for me. It made me so happy.

After that, all the family went back to the house and my three friends and I went out to see Ocean's Thirteen. The movie was fun and so are they. And Andrew's new car is gonna be bitchin'. There are so many inside jokes from that day now. And it came out that a lot of things are changing. Tim is partying less and staying focused on his grind. BeccaMarie (inside joke) is so much closer to loving herself and Andrew is happier now. He's so much more like the man I met almost two years ago.

Friday was wonderful.

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