Monday, June 11, 2007


Growth is a big part of life. So is change. Sometime they're quite scary but what can you do? You can't skip out on life. I went to Harbor Fest Saturday to see the fireworks. I really enjoyed them. Lightning, fireworks.....the sky is an awesome thing to watch. Always. I've grown a little bit. Other people I know have grown quite a bit as well. While it's a tad discomforting because change is different and it's scary, I'm also quite happy. When I went to Harbor Fest I was with Stephen and his girlfriend, her brother and his girlfriend, and her friend and her boyfriend. I've known Stephen for a while. We were EXTREMELY tight. We were both going through some deep shit. We needed each other. We were sounding boards for each other.

Stephen doesn't need me anymore. And I'm glad. I felt a little ignored and not at all liked by any of the other people there. Except for Sara. She seemed pretty chill. The thing is though it was ok. I've never really seen Stephen THAT out of his shell. It was a happy sight. Not that I'm saying he's like socially stunted. That's not it at all. He was just....relaxed and open. Happy. It was nice to see.

My tattoo that I'm getting is going to be quite emotional for me. I'm excited about it. I'm also excited about my second piercing. I'll take pictures of it once the swelling goes down a bit. The industrial is quite sweet I must say. Anyway, next on my list after I gain some employment, is a tongue piercing and a tattoo on my right hip. I won't say what it is yet because I want it to be a bit of a surprise. Rebecca had something to do with it though. She inspired it if you will. I'll let yall think on that for a second.

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