Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My third and fourth tattoo

Ok so there's the tattoo that BeccaMarie helped inspire is going to be second. Then I have two others I want to get.

The one I have completely planned out is two cartoon girls; one who's an angel and one who's a devil. They'd just be really fun curvy busty babes. They'd be hugging like you see the bubbly ditzy girls doing in movies and at the club or where ever, and there'd be a snake wrapped around the both of them. That's basically me in a nutshell. Gemini born in the year of the Snake.

The next one......I need a little bit of help with. I want to incorporate a goat along with the drama masks. I'm not sure how to tie them together though. This one is for my dad. There's been a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow in that relationship and I want the tat to reflect that. I figured the goat could represent him because he's a Capricorn. I'm still fiddling with it.

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