Monday, June 25, 2007

It's always something crazy

Ok, I'll go bit by bit through everything so everyone is all caught up. For what it's worth.

First thing: I'm either 5 days late or I have 4 days to go. The reason I don't know is that I have very light periods because of the Ortho-Evra patch. Which I don't like due to the fact that it can cause heart problems. But anyway, my periods are light. Last month I had 4 days of bleeding and two weeks later I had the same thing. Chemical birth control causes spotting in between. Bah! When I know for sure I'll be on clearer footing. The only bad thing is the fact that I hadn't been on the patch for like three weeks at the time I had sex. I was going to wait for an actual period and then put it on because I'd messed up the timing a few times. Anyway, I hope I get it figured out.

Second thing: I'm sure we all remember the fiasco with my dad. Well we went to court and the judge wanted him to go to anger management. He wouldn't go because he doesn't need it. He's not the problem, I am. Since he's not the problem, him going to anger management does nothing. So he got 60 days in jail. My mother won't really look me in the eye. My brother was like it's not fair something should happen to you too. My own mother won't hug me. It's painful. I'm trying to get my shit together to move out before he gets back. Because I know me being here won't be any good.

Third thing: I'm taking Andrew's ex-girlfriend Melissa to court. She started in with the harassing phone calls right after I got out of the courthouse and I just couldn't take it. It was the same thing as always. I'd be happy if he didn't know you. You're what's wrong with my life. I just couldn't bite my tongue and take pity on her like I'm always expected to do. He's upset with me because this is just going to make her life worse. I'm.....indifferent at this point.

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Highly Feminine Jew boy said...

you've always had problems with melissa....just make sure that going to court is worth it...and you have to do whats in your best interest