Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm Legal. Finally.

All that really means to me is that I can start decorating my body the way I want. It's legal to have sex with the man that I love now, but that hasn't stopped us in the past two years so eh.

I've been dealing with some adult problems for a while so nothing feels new. But I'm still happy. I and a few other people have worked quite hard to make it to this point. Now while I'm responsible for what happens from here out, I'm not alone. I have friends. I could be closer to them, no doubt about it, but the foundations are there. And then I have my three angels. Whomever I'm forever grateful too. They helped me survive to be who I am today. That wasn't easy trust and believe me. Everything goes according to plan and I will have them honored in ink on my back. (I think there's a prize if you can guess who they are. *wink*)

I'm going dancing tonight. After I sleep all day.

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