Sunday, August 06, 2006


Things are changing fast and I'm not sure that I like that. In fact I know that I do not. But I can't make them unchange. And that's disappointing. I miss him. SO much. I feel like I can't call him up just to shoot the shit and that's upsetting. So very upsetting. Shouldn't be that upsetting but it is. I burn for him. My want for him, my NEED is just this driving force. I'd be broke, barefoot, pregnant, and uneducated if it meant getting him forever and ever some more. That's a strange thought.

I'm getting a little sleepy and a little sad so I'm going to lay down and relax. Maybe sleep.

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stever said...

hey hey hey....havent talked to you in a while....look maybe you should let him know whats going on...somehow....not necesarily over the phone but maybe a letter or email or something...but this next step isnt gonna be easy thats why i didnt push it...but someway it needs to be here if you need me