Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Say 'ello to th' 'ittle ones

For some reason I thought I'd type in a Cockney accent. But just the title. Not the own damn thing. Shit. That'd be hard. A lot of new people are reading my blog because I've passed the url on to a few people. Say hi to them everyone. To those of yall not just new to my blog but Blogger blogs in general, you can leave comments by clicking other and leaving an im screen name or your actual name. In fact please do. Understand that by allowing you to read this, I'm doing a few things.

I am

  • trusting you to like/love me in spite of what you read here
  • trusting you to keep what you read here to YOURSELF
    • Not ya mama
    • Not CPS
    • Just yo ass
  • trusting you to keep this url to yourself
  • trusting you to understand that despite all of my piss 'n vinegar, sometimes I need help and I don't know how to directly ask for it.
Be smart not stupid.

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