Thursday, August 10, 2006


I'm sitting here and I feel like crying because I feel loved because I just read a comment on another entry from my buddy Stever. (He has no r on the end of his name, I just type on autopilot and he gets one.) To know that someone not only gives a damn, but that much of a damn, it's a great feeling. Stever is the one friend who I know will never hurt me and then claim it was in my best interests. If something that's good for me will hurt me, then he won't do it. Stever's goal first and foremost is to see me happy. He's never stabbed me in the back "for my own good".

I love ya Stever.

We haven't had an oven for about a week. I want homecooked food. For real, on a serious tip. I still feel sick but I have no time to go to the doctor or anything like that before someone says something. My chest hurts when I'm sitting still and it's worse when I get agitated or start moving fast. (Which means it's like hell on earth during my six hour shifts.) So don't make me feel worse by calling me to argue. Cause I'm not in the mood and I literally am unable to put you in your place right now.

Also, someone could have told me before now that my blog was on PST. That's nice and all, but I'm on the East Coast.

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Highly Feminine Jew Boy said... sorry about that jo0y....thanks for letting me know...i love you too joy