Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Void

I want to say something. But I'm really not sure what to say. Well I don't know. I have thoughts and I could voice them but as someone quite charmingly pointed out redundancy is silly. So I won't.

The tears run down my face in rivers
As I scream until my throat is raw
As I lay dying my body shivers
The world watches in awe
They never knew they cried
They didn't see it coming
If they had they surely would have tried
To end my pain and suffering
But they're guilty of sin
For they are the greatest of liars
They saw the pain within
Then they added fuel to the fires
Your excuses are worthless now
I don't really wanna know how
You tried and tried to help me

You turned your back
And that's a fact
You can't undo the wrongs

Don't worry though
I've fixed it so
You'll never have to be concerned again

There's that old song that's got the catchy refrain "I wanna be sedated". I don't want to be sedated, I want to be dead.

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