Monday, August 21, 2006

Polite Joy isn't awake at seven in the morning

Today was interesting. HE imed me after sending a couple emails. I went upstairs after pouring myself a big ole Long Island Ice Tea. I fall asleep before I can finish it. I wake up and I'm like ok so it's 7, almost 8 am. I'll finish this off and get up in an hour, down a gallon of water and be good to drive Matt to his orthodontist appt. at 10. While I drive drunk, I don't drive drunk with family in the car. Not even five minutes later, Mom calls. She needs me to come pick her up because the van broke down. So I down water, I mean chug it like a champ. I drive out there and she's ungrateful as hell. Which I didn't appreciate considering driving drunk is one thing but driving hung over is quite another. I don't like driving hung over. Left me a killer headache for the rest of the day. She comes home and bitches about my sailr mouth and my attitude. Of course I wasn't going to tell her that I was drunk. That's no good. But still. She never said thank you. And that's mean. She took up my whole day. I don't mind but she could be grateful.


Away Laughing on a Fast Camel said...

one day you'll go ape on your mom and i bet you she wont ever think she did anything worng to get that treatment,

The0taku said...

Parents are weird like that.

Damn, I had something good to say here but now I fucking forgot. D: Sorry.